Airtable templates

My love of Airtable was cemented several years ago.

I was searching the internet for a cloud-based platform that would enable me to manage the assortment of information that wove its way through my business and my life.

I was done with filing cabinets and manila folders overflowing with paper.

I was tired of expending physical and mental energy to locate elusive pieces of paper with scribbled notes.

I wanted to be able to access information 24/7 from the palm of my hand.

The solution needed to be easy on the eye and happy to do all the heavy lifting.

It had to provide a reliable way of administering my business & life.

It needed to be intuitive, accommodating, affordable and flexible.

Airtable ticked all the boxes.

I now spend most days in its company.

I have also started to leverage its robust features to create templated solutions.

My templates are designed to record & organise the assortment of information we need to administer life.


Pitch & Publication Tracker

One orderly place to record and organise all the information about articles you’ve submitted, commissions published & invoices issued. Also includes a place to store all of your editorial contacts’ details, notes you’ve made about conversations, and a library for all the useful links you’ve got scattered in assorted locations.


The Pitch & Publication Tracker is designed to record information about: 

1 Contacts

Individuals, organisations, business contacts, expert sources.

2 Publications Details

Those you’ve worked for, their pay rates, pitching guidelines, submission portals.

3 Pitch Tracker

 Your draft pitches, the status of those you’ve submitted and articles you’ve had commissioned.

4 Invoices

The date issued, their value, what they were for, and status of payment.

5  Notebook

From conversations, interview questions, ideas for articles, and editor’s call outs.

6 Resources Library

To organise, categorise and readily locate useful resources such as website links and PDFs.


Resources Library

One orderly place to record, organise and access all the resources and reference materials, flyers and informations sheets that make their way into your email inbox, consumes space on your desk, fills your in-tray, cupboards and bookshelves. 

Professional Development Tracker

One orderly place to record, organise and access all the relevant contact details, course-related links, login portals, downloaded resources and other useful reference material. No need to waste time flicking between emails, cloud storage and browser bookmarks in order to complete the curriculum.


One orderly place to record, organise and access all the resources and reference materials, flyers and informations sheets that make their way into your email inbox, consumes space on your desk, fills your in-tray, cupboards and bookshelves. 

Record links to recipes you’ve discovered online, scan & upload the tattered ones you’ve inherited, or perhaps document your own. Access your recipes in the supermarket or upload photos of new ones you discover in magazines, all from the palm of your hand.



The Recipe Book is designed to serve as an online digital catalogue for recipes you have: 

1 Accumulated

Cut out of magazines, popped in a folder and carted around for years.

2 Inherited

The ones written by beloved family members that you cherish and want to save.  

3 Bookmarked

Discovered on a website and bookmarked in a browser… never to be seen again.

4 Photographed

Filling your smartphone photos app because you don’t know where else to store it.

5  Scribbled

Hastily jotted on a random piece of paper and lost in a pile of loose paperwork.


PDF templates


A PDF of predesigned template pages for your household to use to record and collate all of its pertinent information in one neat and tidy location that makes the administration of life easier for you, and anyone else who has to manage it on your behalf.


The Bright Yellow Folder™ is designed to enable your household to collate information about: 

1 Addresses

Residences, investment properties, holiday homes, PO Boxes, & storage units etc.

2 Advanced Care Directives

Formal directives stipulated by household member’s regarding their end-of-life care.

3 Aged Care Services

Aged care services that are in place for members of the household.

4 Assets

Possessions, real estate, shares, vehicles & machinery.

5  Bank Accounts

Their purpose, the financial institutions, and signatories, etc.

6  Birth Certificates

Originals or copies of household members’ birth certificates.

7  Birthdays

Names, and dates of birth for those people that have a meaningful relationship with your household.

8  Centrelink

Who is registered with Centrelink and what services they receive.

9  Certificates of Title

Property details and Title plans for property owned by household members.

10  Contacts & Service Providers

Contact details for the people who need to know if your household’s circumstances change.

11  Death Certificates

Originals or copies of death certificates for those household members who have died.

12  Divorce Documents

Divorce documentation for previous marriages.

13 Domain Names & Hosted Websites

Details about domain names and hosted websites owned by household members.

14 Electoral Enrolment Details

Details about what local, state and federal electorates household members are enrolled in.

15 Email Addresses

Email addresses: names of providers, back up emails, and passwords, etc.

16 Emergency Evacuation Plans

The household’s emergency evacuation plans.

17 Employment Details

Who is employed, their role and the contact details for their place of employment, etc.

18 Funeral Arrangements

An individual’s wishes for when they die, and any arrangements that have been made.

19 Insurances

Information about any insurance policies held by members of the household.

20 Key Tracker

Track what keys have been issued to (and issued by) members of the household.

21 Liabilities

Details of liabilities: money owed by (or to) members of the household.

22 Licences

Details of licences: type, number, registered name & address, and purpose, etc.

23 Logins + PINs + Passwords

Login details, PIN numbers and passwords for all the portals and platforms used.

24 Marriage Information

Document marriage details: names and dates, and the location of the original marriage certificate.

25 Medical Information

Document an individual’s medical information: history, medications, allergies & vaccinations etc.

26 Notes

Record the outcomes of the conversations, options evaluated, and decisions made, etc.

27 Passports

Record who has a passport, when they expire, and where they’re safely stored.

28 Payments Tracker

Track what payments are made for the household: frequency, purpose, and from what bank account.

29 Pet Information

Compile details about purchase/adoption details, medications, allergies, vaccination & worming tracker.

30 Phones + Tablets + Internet

Track information about household members’ phone, tablet and internet services.

31 Registrations

Record registration details for vehicles & machinery: cars, motorbikes, caravans, jet-skis, trailers, etc.

32 Social Media Profiles

Document what social media accounts are held by members of the household.

33 Superannuation

Record information about household members’ superannuation funds.

34 Tax Information

List individual’s tax file numbers and other important tax information.

35 Wills & Testaments

Track who’s prepared a Will, when was it last updated, who has access to it, and where it’s located.


Microsoft Word templates

I've also created a Microsoft Word Operations Manual template.

It's been designed to be used by community groups as a master reference document.

A place to record, preserve & transfer knowledge.

A way to prevent information being lost when people 'go'.


A master reference document for all the details relating to what your organisation does and who they do it for.  This pre-formatted document can be populated with information to help future proof the transfer of knowledge within your community group.