Are you a freelance writer who wants to track your pitches easily and access your editors' contact details effortlessly ?

STOP flicking between your emails, contacts, notebooks and messy spreadsheets to keep yourself up-to-date with your pitches and contacts. START having effortless access to all the details relating to publications, editors, pitches and payments all in one place.

My Airtable Pitch & Publication Tracker allows you
to readily access everything you need to know
about your pitches.

Airtable: what it is and why you should use it?

Airtable is a cloud-based platform that blends the best features of spreadsheets and databases. It lets you create a repository for the most important types of information in your freelance writing business.

Airtable allows you to organise and view that information in really meaningful ways and access it on your desktop,  your tablet or your smartphone device.

I have leveraged its free plan + powerful features + great user interface to create for you a …

Pitch & Publication Tracker

The Pitch & Publication Tracker has been built to enable you to record and access everything you need to know about the articles you’ve submitted, commissions you’ve had published and invoices you’ve issued.

It also includes a place for all of your editorial contacts, any notes you have about articles, publications, and conversations, and a library for all of the links you’ve got scattered in bookmarks or sitting in a Google doc.


The Contacts table is to record contact details for individuals & organisations such as editors, publications, business contacts and expert sources.


The Publications table records information relating to publications¬†you’ve worked for, their pay rates, pitching guidelines, and submission portals.


The Pitch Tracker table is where you can record draft pitches, and the status of pitches you’ve submitted and articles you’ve had commissioned.


The Invoices table records all the details about invoices you’ve issued, their value, what commission they were for & the status of their payment.


The Notes table is for recording and organising notes from phone calls, interview questions, article ideas and editors’ call outs.

Resources Library

The Resource Library table is to record, categorise & view links and attachments that are often scattered between browser bookmarks and your desktop.

Get your Pitch & Publication Tracker and finally create - and effortlessly access - a single source of truth for all of the details relating to publications, editors, pitches, notes, payments and resources.


"This Pitch and Publication Tracker puts my Excel spreadsheets to shame! Cass has created the Rolls Royce of pitch trackers. This tool is simply the most powerful and efficient way to keep on top of your editorial contacts, pitches, editor call outs and publication details. This is a next-level resource for freelance writers."
Lindy Alexander - freelance writer
"Cass Ewing's Pitch and Publication Tracker has been a game changer for my freelance writing business. Over 20 years as a travel writer I've tried various methods of keeping track of pitches, assignments, contacts and projects. But it's been a mess. The Pitch Tracker has streamlined my work processes, saved me time and has ultimately helped me to secure more work. Thanks Cass!."
Fiona Harper - travel & cruise writer

A bit about me...

I am Cass Ewing.

I’m an Airtable evangelist, systems enthusiast and solutions junkie who loves family, friends, gardening, dogs, skiing and kayaking.

I get excited about the life I live, the places I go, the people I meet and the experiences I have.

I don’t get excited about wasting time looking for the information I need in order to make decisions!

Does anyone?

Airtable is the place where I store all the information that weaves its way through my business and my life.

Airtable enables me to access my information quickly so I can focus on planning and doing the things that excite me in life.

I help others do the same.

What do you get for $47 AUD?

You'll also receive 7 video tutorials where I walk you through how the Pitch & Publication Tracker works, what information you need to enter, where to enter it and why.

It's time to stop flicking between an assortment of locations and start clicking in one place only to locate all of your pitch and publication details.


Yes and no.

Airtable has four pricing options – free, plus, pro and enterprise.

You don’t need to pay for an Airtable subscription in order to use the¬†Pitch & Publication Tracker. All of its functionality is accessible from the free plan.

The short answer is, nothing.

The long answer is, everything.

Excel & Google Sheets can be a bit of a free-for-all because any sort of information can be recorded in any cell, row or sheet.

Airtable has robust functionality and a strong underlying structure which means that relationships can be established between the information you enter.

For example:

1. pitches can be linked to editors

2. editors can be linked to publications

3. commissions can be linked to invoices

4. notes can be linked to editors, or publications, or pitches, or resources, or all of the above.

5. resources can be linked to publications or contacts.

The best thing? You can also choose how you want to view your information. For example:

a. publications by genre or pay rate

b. pitches by status

c. commissions by due date

d. notes by type or date

e. resources by category or creator/owner, etc.

You have greater control over what information goes where, how that information is linked to other information, and in what format it is organised and viewed.

Basically, Airtable is much, much nicer to use than Excel or Google Sheets!

The shortest is 2 minutes and the longest is 19 minutes.

Anyone that has paid for an Airtable consultation, template or VIP Day through me gets access to my private Facebook group where all your questions are answered.

A link to join the group is included in a follow-up email that is sent after the Pitch & Publication Tracker is purchased.


The Pitch & Publication Tracker is a digital product that you get immediate access to.

All sales are final. No refunds are offered.

However, if you have questions you’d like answered in order to make a decision about purchasing, please reach out to me at hello@cassewing.com


In order to use the Pitch & Publication Tracker you will need an Airtable account.

Setting up an account should take you no more than 10 minutes and does not require any payment details.

If you decide to purchase the Pitch & Publication Tracker the first email you will receive from me will include a video to show you how to create an account in Airtable.

Yes. The Airtable app is available for iOs and Android devices.

The Pitch & Publication Tracker has been pre-filled with dummy information to demonstrate what information you need to put where.

I wanted to make it as easy as possibly for you to familiarise yourself with it so you can get the most out of its functionality immediately.

All you need to do is replace the dummy information with your own information – and the videos will walk you through how to do that – and you’ll be ready to rock-n-roll.

That said, you will need to dedicate several hours to get it properly populated with your own information. But, once it’s done, it’s done and you’ll reap the rewards in saved time and ongoing ease of access.

Ready to wrap your hands around this little bundle of pitch-tracking goodness?

Stop flicking all over the place and start clicking in one place to locate the information you need!