A little bit more about me

I'm a qualified landscape architect and spent 20 years - on and off - designing outdoor spaces for residential clients. 


I prefer sweet over savoury.


I spent 3 years working on a gold mine in Western Australia driving CAT 785 dump trucks. 


I am a multi-potentialite with interests in a myriad of areas.


My zone of genius is configuring information into a format that makes sense to other people.


I would rather swim laps and do Pilates than go for a run.


My Myers Briggs personality type is INFJ: introverted + intuitive + feeling + judging.


My superpower is my ability to be approachable to many.


I adopted a black Labrador called Lenny in 2019 who has cost me a lot in vacuum bags.


I stopped enjoying coffee a few years ago and I now drink (lots of) tea.


I'm quite partial to a gin mule or a mango daiquiri, but not at the same time of course.


I worked in a funeral home for 18 months and found it one of the most humbling experiences.


My core values


I take pride in being honest and having strong moral principles.                


I place a lot of importance on being kind and well meaning in all that I do.


I will always behave with respect and consideration towards other people.

Ready for me to help you get that information out of your head and into the palm of your hand?