If you were incapacitated for a short or long period of time - or even worse, you were to die - would others know where to find the information they need to manage the administration (or decommissioning) of your life?

Regardless of age, none of us know what's around the corner. Our lives can change in a heartbeat and we can find ourselves relying on others to make decisions on our behalf.
Is your household prepared for that?

The reality is ...

As soon as we're born we start accumulating paperwork: our birth certificate is issued and the administration of life begins.

By eighteen we might have a passport, a driver's licence, a smart phone and a bank account.

As young adults we gain employment and start taking responsibility for vehicles, loans and taxes.

By middle age we've acquired possessions, assets and loans, might have children and pets, and likely need additional insurances.

As senior citizens our loans might be paid, but our reliance on the support of family, and health and aged care services has usually increased.

And by the time we take our last breath we often have wads of paperwork to prove who we were, what we owe or own, and what we want done with it all when we're gone.

It's a lot to keep track of.

Especially if it's scattered & disorganised, thus time consuming to locate.

It can be overwhelming & frustrating just for ourselves, but more so to anyone else who might have to step in and manage it on our behalf.

But it doesn't need to be.

Imagine if all your household's pertinent information is compiled using predesigned template pages that are contained in one master folder that:

Everything has a place.

How relieved would you feel knowing:

It's no longer stressful, it's manageable.

And it’s managed in what I call

Bright Yellow Folder™

Bright Yellow Folder™ is a 360 page PDF document with predesigned pages that can be printed and contained in a 2-ring lever arch folder (preferably yellow!).

The PDF includes:

That's 86 pages of guidance alone!

Of the remaining 274 pages:

Why so many spare pages?

Because every household is different.  

Where one household may only need to complete one (1) of the template pages, another household may need to complete five (5). 


It has an appendices section to file copies (or originals) of documentation like:

A neat & tidy compilation.

Replace your filing cabinet with a Bright Yellow Folder™ that includes ...

Table of Contents

A predefined list of sections to help organise the collation of your household’s important information.

Preparation Checklist

Checklists to help you set up a hardcopy or electronic version of your Bright Yellow Folder™.

... and contains predesigned pages to record information about your household's:


Record addresses relevant to the household: residences, investment properties, holiday homes, PO Boxes, & storage units etc.

Advanced Care Directives

Collate formal directives stipulated by household member’s regarding their end-of-life care

Aged Care Services

Document details relating to aged care services that are in place for members of the household.


Detail the household’s assets: possessions, real estate, shares, vehicles & machinery.

Bank Accounts

Record bank account information: their purpose, the financial institutions, and signatories, etc.

Birth Certificates

Collate originals or copies of household members’ birth certificates.

Birthday Tracker

Track names, and dates of birth for those people that have a meaningful relationship with your household.


Record information about who is registered with Centrelink and what services they receive.

Certificates of Title

Compile property details and Title plans for property owned by household members.

Contacts & Service Providers

List the contact details for the people who need to know if your household’s circumstances change.

Death Certificates

Collate originals or copies of death certificates for those household members who have died.

Divorce Documents

If relevant, file divorce documentation for previous marriages.

Domain Names & Hosted Websites

If applicable, record details of domain names and hosted websites owned by household members.

Electoral Enrolment Details

Record details about what local, state and federal electorates household members are enrolled in.

Email Addresses

Document information about email addresses: names of providers, back up emails, and passwords, etc

Emergency Evacuation Plans

File the household’s emergency evacuation plans.

Employment Details

Record details about who is employed, their role and the contact details for their place of employment, etc.

Funeral Arrangements

Document an individual’s wishes for when they die, and any arrangements that have been made.


Compile information about any insurance policies held by members of the household.

Key Tracker

Track what keys have been issued to (and issued by) members of the household.


Document details of liabilities: money owed by (or to) members of the household.


Record details of licences: type, number, registered name & address, and purpose, etc.

Logins + PINs + Passwords

Record login details, PIN numbers and passwords for all the portals and platforms used.

Marriage Information

Document marriage details: names and dates, and the location of the original marriage certificate.

Medical Information

Document an individual’s medical information: history, medications, allergies & vaccinations etc.


Record the outcomes of the conversations, options evaluated, and decisions made, etc.


Record who has a passport, when they expire, and where they’re safely stored.

Payments Tracker

Track what payments are made for the household: frequency, purpose, and from what bank account. 

Pet Information

Compile details about purchase/adoption details, medications, allergies, vaccination & worming tracker.

Phones + Tablets + Internet

Track information about household members’ phone, tablet and internet services.


Record registration details for vehicles & machinery: cars, motorbikes, caravans, jet-skis, trailers, etc.

Social Media Profiles

Document what social media accounts are held by members of the household.


Record information about household members’ superannuation funds.

Tax Information

List individual’s tax file numbers and other important tax information.

Wills & Testaments

Track who’s prepared a Will, when was it last updated, who has access to it, and where it’s located.

All of your household's life admin in one place.

The sooner you start, the sooner it will be done.

Are you ready to establish a comprehensive go-to reference document that summarises all of your household’s important information?

Let's review what's included.

Bright Yellow Folder™ PDF template:



In order to open the template you will need PDF reader software (such as Adobe Reader or Preview) installed on your computer. 

The template is issued via email as a PDF attachment.

So, if you’ve been able to open and view PDF email attachments in the past, you will be able to open and view the Bright Yellow Folder™ PDF template too.


At this stage (January 2024) the PDF template is not fillable – it must be printed, completed by hand, and collated in a physical folder.

That said, if you are a tech savvy you’ll be able to use Preview or Adobe to insert text boxes (where the blank fields are on the template pages), type information into the PDF and save it electronically.

Possibly, in the second half of 2024.

You can print the pages relevant to your household, complete them by hand, scan them and save them on your computer, or in a cloud-based storage platform.


The template includes a suggested electronic folder filing structure to mimic the physical folder and help you file related documents electronically if you choose.

Everyone who purchases the Bright Yellow Folder™ template will have access to support via:

  • a private invitation to join my Facebook Group called ‘Cass’s Corner’. It’s not a public group; only my clients and customers are invited to join. 
  • email: hello@cassewing.com

If you’re more interested in 1:1 assistance (in person, via Zoom, or over the phone) please let me know so we can discuss the extent of assistance and likely costs.


The Bright Yellow Folder™ is a digital product (a PDF) that you get immediate access to.

All sales are final.

No refunds are offered. 

If you have questions you’d like answered in order to make a decision about purchasing, please reach out to me: hello@cassewing.com

It’s impossible to tell how long it will take to set up a Bright Yellow Folder™ for your household.

The template accommodates all household sizes, so a single person household will not take as long as a household with eight (8) members.

That said, it also depends on the complexities of the household’s admin, and how organised/disorganised their administration is at present.

There will no doubt be many hours of work involved to get it properly populated with your own information.

But, once it’s done, it’s done and you’ll reap the rewards in saved time and ongoing ease of access to the information people need in order to administer ‘life’.