Want to go on a 5-min speed date with Airtable? It'll be love at first sight!


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“Dream big, start small, but most of all, Start”


The framework for the workshop is as follows:

  1. for you to talk
  2. for me to listen, question, explore, clarify & understand all the ‘plates’ that are spinning in your life.
  • BRAINSTORM the big goals for the next twelve(12) months. [Let’s elicit all the big ideas swirling around in your head.]
  • CATEGORISE the brainstormed goals into three(3) groups. [Let’s determine which goals relate to your life, your business, your family.]
  • CHOOSE & PRIORITISE the top five(5) goals from each category. [Let’s decide which goals are the most important to you this year.]

A snapshot diagram that clearly categorises those ‘plates’ so you can prioritise:

  • what to keep spinning
  • what to let fall
  • what to pile neatly away.
  • Payment due in full, on the day.
  • Book any time to start the ball rolling.




Sometimes an on-site consultation is sufficient to provide the professional guidance required to steer you in the right direction and ensure you avoid costly mistakes.

“Good design adds value quicker than it adds cost”

The Framework for the consultation is as follows:

  1. for you to talk: Tell me all the ideas you have for your outdoor space.
  2. for me to listen: to question & clarify so we can design a solution that creates an enticing, relaxing & functional space to support your lifestyle.
  • BRAINSTORM the ideas you’ve already got for the space. [Let’s elicit all the thoughts you’ve got swirling around in your heard.]
  • WORKSHOP the brainstormed idea. [Let’s evaluate what ideas will best achieve the desired effect.]
  • PRIORITISE the actions required to achieve the end result. [Let’s list what to do and in what order.]
  1. a hand drawn design to illustrate the design resolution we reach together.
  2. a list of suitable plants & where to source them
  3. a list of recommended local contractors, if required.
  • Payment due in full, on the day.
  • Book any time to start the ball rolling.