I work with businesses and households to build robust Airtable databases so they can get information out of their heads and into the palm of their hand.

Airtable: what it is and why you should use it

Airtable is a cloud-based platform that enables users to create a repository for all of the information that weaves it's way through their businesses and or their life.  It has powerful features, a great user interface, and ...

Can do what Trello does, and way more

What can it do better than spreadsheets?


Can be used as a substitute notebook

All those postit notes can be 

Stop reaching for postit notes - instead record the note/thought/conversation/learnings etc in AT . Categorise it, date it, link it to peopel projects tasks and know you'll never risk that 'priceless' sticky note being accidentally shredded . Meeting minutes


Organises all types of information

Briefly describe what info you can organise and how; how AT does it.


Is quick to keep up to date

Briefly describe what info you can organise and how; how AT does it.


Automates repetitive tasks

Briefly describe what it can automate. Give example statement from Ashley's workshop (anything a robot can do?) Repetative tasks can be automated.


Integrates with lots of other platforms

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L**inks and cross-references with itself

  • relationships between information to be established
  • Displays information in customised views

  • relationships between information to be established
  • Displays information in customised views

  • relationships between information to be established
  • Another feature here...

  • relationships between information to be established
  • If any of those are characteristics sound appealing to you I suspect you might like to meet Airtable.

    Airtable lets you record things once but refer to them often.

    Things like...

    Notes & thoughts

    Record notes & thoughts in Airtable and categorise them so you can locate them again easily.

    Insurance details

    Record your policy details and expiry dates so you can quickly refer to them when required.


    Record the steps of a process and add links to videos, images and other supporting documentation.


    Record your vaccination dates (and your pets') so you know what's current, what's not and when they're due.

    Subscription details

    Record what subscriptions you pay for, when they renew and what bank account they're paid from.

    Bank accounts

    Record your bank accounts, who the signatories are, what email and postal addresses they're linked to.

    Branding colours

    Record the branding colour codes from your graphic designer so you've got them handy in one location.

    Email addresses

    Record all of your email addresses and what services & notifications they're linked to.

    A bit about me...

    Cass Ewing & Lenny

    I'm an Airtable evangelist, systems enthusiast and solutions junkie who loves family, friends, gardening, dogs, skiing and kayaking. 

    I get excited about the life I live, the places I go, the people I meet and the experiences I have. 

    I don't get excited about wasting time looking for the information I need in order to make decisions!

    Does anyone?

    Airtable is the place where I store all the information that weaves its way through my business and my life. 

    Airtable enables me to access my information quickly so I can focus on planning and doing the things that excite me in life.

    I help others do the same.

    For a little bit more about me, click here.

    Airtable evangelist

    A person who seeks to convert others to Airtable! (Coined by a friend!)

    Systems enthusiast

    Someone with a keen appreciation for a system that supports a desired outcome.

    Solutions junkie

    Anyone that is passionate about finding better and more efficient solutions. (Coined by me!)


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