Is Airtable free?

Airtable has free and paid plans.

Unlike many software platforms, there's loads that can be accomplished in Airtable using only the free plan and all of the Airtable solutions I provide are built using the free plan.

If any of my solutions ever require a paid subscription of any kind, this would be made very clear prior to purchase.

Is it safe to store my stuff in the cloud?

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Can you build bespoke databases?


If my standard suite of products and services is not specific enough for your particular needs, I am happy to discuss how we can work together to create a customised Airtable solution.

Book a call and let's chat.

How much do you charge?

Details relating to my services are outlined on the 'Services' page.

Details relating to my products are outlined on the 'Shop' page.

Does Airtable have an app?


Airtable has an app for iOS and Android devices.

Do you charge GST?


I am registered for Goods and Sales Tax (GST) in Australia.

All listed prices for my products and services include the 10% GST charge.

What if accidentally delete my Airtable data?

There are ways to backup your Airtable data, but the responsibility will lay with you do do that regularly.

Rest assured, all of my products and services include video tutorials to walk you through how to avoid wiping everything you enter, and importantly - how to back up.

What is a VIP Day?

A VIP Day is a way of me delivering a solution to people who value time over money.

During a A VIP Day I work intensely and exclusively with one client over a 6 - 8 hour period to build one of my Airtable solutions for them (as opposed to them purchasing one of my DIY courses and having to build it themselves).

More information on VIP Days can be found on my 'Services' page.  

What on going support do you provide?

????Anyone who purchases my DIY products gets access to my Facebook group for 2 weeks of support.

My VIP Day clients get access to access to 8 weeks of support?